Using PPC to Increase Your Marketing Potential Online

PPC is a short term for Pay Per Click, which a marketing device used by Google to generate higher visitors to sites.  The idea is that you select certain keywords for your site which you then “bid” on, and when you set up the campaign you are featured in the sponsored ad section of the Search Engine Results page – every time someone clicks on your site (now at the top!) you pay a nominal fee to Google for letting your site be advertised.

This is a great way to quickly get more visitors to your site, especially if you are a new website without strong backlinks and other SEO tools under your belt to get you anywhere near the first page of results.

Another good thing about PPC campaigns is that you can really target the select audience you are after, with the setup of the campagin being pretty straightforward.  The cost doesn’t really matter too much, as although you have to pay for each click, the idea is that the sales you will generate from the clicks should easily cover the cost!