Using Great Content as a Tool In Web Marketing

Getting your company noticed online is a tricky business.  There are so many other companies often offering the same or similar services, so how on earth do you get your site to the top of the pile?  The key is to use great SEO techniques.

One of these techniques involves writing amazing content which can be easily shared across multiple networks.  Writing content is easy if you follow the rules.

  1. keep it relevant to you – make sure your business service is explicitly covered in your content.  No use writing about something with nothing to do with your business!
  2. Short and Sweet – online readers do not like too much wordy text.  Split up text with bullet points, paragraphs and images.
  3. Consider video – animations and videos can often share good content easier than written counterparts.
  4. Infographics – pictoral content of the same is often a good way to share ideas.

Once your content is written, share it amongst your social networks and see if any bloggers would like to feature it.  Make sure there’s a link to your website in it!