PPC and Paid Advertising For Your Business

PPC or Pay Per Click can be a highly effective tool for getting more traffic to your site, and higher conversions.  There are a lot of skills to learn when dealing with PPC campaigns, as they can be complex and end up costing a lot of money!  Here are some ideas to help you get started.

The first thing to do is learn the basic concepts and terminology of PPC.  Try searching for videos on youtube which will help explain the basics on this form of advertising.  There are many experts online who can get you started.

The next task is to understand the different sorts of paid advertising available to businesses.  first up there is Google AdWords/Microsoft adCenter.  These are the standard PPC which people think of when they consider paid advertising online.  There are also social media based advertising tools which can be useful for certain businsesses.  These focus in on target audienced really closely and allow businesses to really think about who they are catering for.